Inspiration comes to me on soft paws

ranging the forests

of my imagination.


“She says nothing at all, but simply s...


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About | Me

My name is Marie Beschorner and I am a freelance artist and illustrator

based in Germany and Stockholm, Sweden.

I focus on environments and character design.

My | Services

Art is my life, my passion.

I love variation and can offer you

a wide range of services and styles

Just let me know what you have in mind!

I mainly do final art for advertising and campaigns, book illustrations and general concept art for games and films. If you would like to work with me in another field I didn’t mention feel free to get in touch anyways. I love to try out new things and I am open to your ideas.

Contact | Me

Get In Touch

let’s have a chat

I can help you to develop your ideas

and bring out the best in them.

  • Email: marie@companyofwolves.de
  • Skype: companyofwolves
  • Company of Wolves
    Illustration & Visual Storytelling
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    From time to time I get some questions and in order to save some time and to offer you a quick way to get your answers, I started this FAQ section.

    General FAQ about Digital Art and Illustration
    1. Which medium and software do you use?
    I work with Photoshop and use an Intuos4.

    2. Where do you find inspiration?
    I find a lot of inspiration in the things which surround me. I go on long walks to enjoy nature and quite often I come back with new ideas about what I want to paint. I like to observe nature – weather conditions, the play of light and shadow, seasonal changes and moods connected to these things. Animals of course also inspire me a lot! Apart from this I enjoy to read and study ‘The Art of’ books. I have a quite large collection which ranges from Disney/Pixar and Dreamworks animations to games as ‘Tomb Raider’ or ‘Assassin’s Creed’. I also absolutely love Studio Ghibli and find their style and especially the way they picture nature extremely inspiring. Their art sparks my imagination a lot! There are also some traditional artists which influenced quite much: Caravaggio – the master of shadow and light, Burne-Jones and J.W. Waterhouse amongst other Pre-Raphaelites or Alphonse Mucha are some I want to mention. Last but not least I enjoy browsing the internet. I check out the latest works on behance or one of my favorite picture blogs.

    Tutorials and Feedback
    1. Are there any tutorial which show how you work?
    I haven’t made a real tutorial, yet because I lack the time. But there are a few making of videos available, as well as documentations of different steps within my work progress (see ‘Making of and Tutorials’ in the Portfolio section of this website). It is best, if you check out my behance profile because I will most likely upload anything like this there: Company of Wolves on Behance

    2. Can you give me some feedback on my artworks?
    Occasionally I get requests from people who would like me to review their artwork, or give them some advice. I feel honored that fellow artists are curious about my opinion. But please take into account that I am usually quite busy and don’t have much time to look into these things. Most likely I won’t have the time to give you a reply, but who knows: you might be lucky.

    1. Can I use your artwork as a cover picture for facebook or as a layout for my website?

    Yes, as long as it is for non-commercial use only and my watermark is on it and clearly visible.

    2. Are you interested in licensing your artwork for stock usage?


    3. I would like to get your art tattooed on me. Is that okay with you?

    Go ahead! You don’t need to ask for my permission. But I’d love to see a photo when you have it done!

    4. I want to feature your art on my Website or Blog!

    I am happy to see my artwork featured on your blog or website. Feel free to post my images with a link back to www.companyofwolves.de

    5. Can I make personal use of your artworks?

    Yes, you can as long as it is for personal, non-commercial use only. I am fine with you using my art as a personal desktop wallpaper, printing out a small version for yourself, or any other small-scale use. But you can’t sell it, promote your business with it or claim it as your own.

    6. Am I allowed to modify your artwork?

    No, you are not. But you should feel free to use it as a reference. I am happy if my art helps you with the development of your own stuff, so of course you can borrow or try to copy the style or use it as an inspiration.

    Various Requests

    1. Do you do pro bono work?
    No, I don’t work for free. If I want to support a project by doing art free of charge, it is usually out of my own initiative. So please don’t contact me in regard of a work proposal if you are not willing to pay for my work.

    2. Do you do commissions?
    Yes, I do. Since I am usually quite busy please contact me early enough. It might take up to 10 weeks to squeeze new jobs in, depending on how much else I have to do.

    3. Where can I get prints of your artworks?
    Prints can be ordered from Inprnt or Society6.


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