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Beyond Fox Valley

Another illustration for ‘Windy’. This was the first painting I did for the project and it has an almost rough and sketch-like quality to it. It is not at all as defined as the later illustrations for the app but it has a charm of it’s own. The wind sound for this scene is a quite dramatic and strong one which had a very soothing effect on me. When I listened to all Wind sounds for the first time I liked this one the most and therefore picked it for the first illustration. The scene, which I had in mind for it, should be dominated by autumn colours a sky with have, grey clouds and some rays of light, fighting their way through

Summer Breeze

A new illustration for the relaxation app ‘Windy’ which features my works as incredible motion controlled 3D parallax scenes along with stereoscopic 3D wind recordings for headphones.
Client: Taptanium

Whilst creating the scenes for Windy I listened to the original wind recordings which would be featured in the app. The challenge was to match the atmosphere which was created by the sound. When I painted Summer Breeze I thought about long, swaying grass, leaves – playing catch with the wind and trees with thick treecrowns, whispering whilst a gust of wind rushed through them.
It was a really sensual experience to work on this painting and I love the result!