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Home is where the Heart is

Another new illustration for the relaxation app ‘Windy’ which features my works as incredible motion controlled 3D parallax scenes along with stereoscopic 3D wind recordings for headphones.
Client: Taptanium

It was much fun to create this one. I didn’t paint a night scene before and I felt that it was quite challenging in the beginning to get the colours and the atmosphere right. I didn’t want it to be just blue and black and therefore I created a nice and vivid contrast by adding the orange tent, the dying fire and a few fireflies. I also worked with subtle green to make the colour spectrum more interesting. The goal was to capture the feeling of a cosy and bright summer night. Imagine the crisp and clear air coming in from the sea as a refreshing breeze after a warm summer day is over, the sound of crickets in the grass and of the distant shore. A pity that the app only features wind sounds 😉 – but the wind recording for this scene is truly beautiful. You should check it out yourself!

Summer Breeze

A new illustration for the relaxation app ‘Windy’ which features my works as incredible motion controlled 3D parallax scenes along with stereoscopic 3D wind recordings for headphones.
Client: Taptanium

Whilst creating the scenes for Windy I listened to the original wind recordings which would be featured in the app. The challenge was to match the atmosphere which was created by the sound. When I painted Summer Breeze I thought about long, swaying grass, leaves – playing catch with the wind and trees with thick treecrowns, whispering whilst a gust of wind rushed through them.
It was a really sensual experience to work on this painting and I love the result!

My Wolf and Squirrel featured in ImagineFX

Check this out. The May 2014 issue of ImagineFX magazine (Issue 108) will feature four of my works (p. 12-13). Wow, I am happy right now. 🙂

Tales of the Fireflies

It has been a while since my last post but today I present you a new picture I worked on the last couple of days. I wanted a fourth piece for the series of the wolf and the squirrel which acknowledges the already existing pictures. In this regard I wanted to show a landscape with close resemblance to the one I created in ‘Summer Rain’, so that the viewer would get the feeling that he or she had been there before.


This painting is kind of a follow up of ‘Want a Nut?’.

Meanwhile in the Trees

In November 2012 I created some shirt designs for the shirt-on-demand platform ‘spreadshirt’. One of these designs had been a grumpy looking little fellow – an owl – which turned out to be a little bestseller. People seem to like him quite much: by now over thousand people have him on their shirts. I decided to take the design to create a fully rendered drawing out of it. This is the result.
This is the link to the original shirt design:

Red Riding Hood

I found this old painting of mine which I’d like to share with you because it has some nostalgic value to me: It is the first painting I did with my Intuos 4 and also the very first digital painting I ever created. So in this way it was the beginning of a very intense friendship between me and my new favorite medium.
The painting was inspired by a song of Patrick Wolf (which you can find here: Patrick Wolf – Short Story). I am a big fan of fairy tales and ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ has always been my favorite.
Looking at this painting today, I’d say it is very messy and a lot of stuff doesn’t really work in it. I had a lot to learn (and still have) but it’s nice to see my progress and development. Images like this show you where you once started and where you are today. <3

‘Want a Nut?’

How would you react if a squirrel would offer you an acorn?

Summer Rain

At the moment it’s up to 40°C out there and awfully humid. The weather inspired me to do an environmental piece which catches the atmosphere of a warm summer day. But instead of picturing the suffocating heat I have chosen to focus on the relief which comes with warm summer rain… with the smell of wet grass and foliage, the fresh air and the beautiful sight of the light refracted by the rain. To make the experience perfect, feel free to listen to ‘Rainy Mood’ on It’s wonderful and refreshing!