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Happy when it rains

A fox for a change. This time I wanted you to smell the wet earth and the rainy fresh air, to feel the raindrops on your skin and hear them dropping onto the leaves and into the grass.


‘Clouds on the Horizon’ was done for an app project (‘Sunny‘ by Taptanium) which features it as well as 5 other illustrations of mine as parallax scenes which all come with stereoscopic 3D sounds of beaches. The challenge was to catch the atmosphere of each sound and also tell the story of a man, who is journeying across the Seven Seas to follow an ancient legend his forefathers retold from generation to generation. The scene should have an overall relaxing and calm mood but still spark the idea of an adventure lying ahead.

Beyond Fox Valley

Another illustration for ‘Windy’. This was the first painting I did for the project and it has an almost rough and sketch-like quality to it. It is not at all as defined as the later illustrations for the app but it has a charm of it’s own. The wind sound for this scene is a quite dramatic and strong one which had a very soothing effect on me. When I listened to all Wind sounds for the first time I liked this one the most and therefore picked it for the first illustration. The scene, which I had in mind for it, should be dominated by autumn colours a sky with have, grey clouds and some rays of light, fighting their way through