Angry Guy

This Illustration was done for the book ‘Alexander Trout’s amazing Adventure’, which will be released some time next year. In the slideshow above you can see the painting steps for the image: I begin with a very rough and undefined sketch, which outlines only the most important, basic contours of the bear. I now start to block in the colors roughly. I use dark colors for this step (the brighter colors and highlights will follow). After the foundation is done, I quickly start to define the bear – I roughly add some fur and decide from which side and direction the light should come in. I gradually add more details as well as strong highlights. Whilst working on the illustration I noticed that I didn’t like the posture that much – the bear’s right claw didn’t look so great, I wanted a more impressive posture and felt that I needed to change the position of the claw a bit. I continued working out more details and gradually added shadows and light adjustments and also rendered the fur and face until I felt satisfied.