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Sketch to finish: Mother Raccoon

I am working on a new painting right now. This is a character who will be featured in it and I thought I will share the progress for this one with you.
1) First I do a sketch which lines out the important features, I don’t focus too much on this in order to stay flexible in the later progress.
2) I am blocking in the main colors I want to use.
3) I start to define light and shadow and give the image more nuances.
4) I render the character by first painting in some fur very roughly and then using a thin brush to paint in the fluffy, well defined hair strands and single hairs. I focus on the form and shape of the raccoon and try to underline it with the direction of the fur. I use ‘screen’, ‘overlay’, ‘multiply’ or ‘linear dodge’ brush adjustment modes to work out some highlights or to add shadows.

A Winter Tale

Winter is coming… and with it comes a new painting: A Winter Tale. You find a making of with progress steps and a short video on behance

The Making of an Illustration for a Parallax Scene

In April 2014 the app ‘Windy’ was released for which I did the artwork (8 illustrations so far). All illustrations are featured as motion controlled 3D-like Parallax scenes along with stereoscopic 3D wind recordings. Since some people wondered how I created the illustrations for it, I compiled a few progress steps and made a video which shows how I did the scene ‘A new Awakening’ and how it builts up as a parallax.