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What inspires me?

I already showed you in my short video ‘Meet my little friends’, that animals and nature inspire me a lot. But there are many other things: I find a lot of inspiration in the things which surround me. I go on long walks to enjoy nature and quite often I come back with new ideas about what I want to paint. I like to observe nature – weather conditions, the play of light and shadow, seasonal changes and moods connected to these things. Animals of course also inspire me a lot! Apart from this I enjoy to read and study ‘The Art of’ books. I have a quite large collection which ranges from Disney/Pixar and Dreamworks animations to games as ‘Tomb Raider’ or ‘Assassin’s Creed’. I also absolutely love Studio Ghibli and find their style and especially the way they picture nature extremely inspiring. Their art sparks my imagination a lot! There are also some traditional artists which influenced quite much: Caravaggio – the master of shadow and light, Burne-Jones and J.W. Waterhouse amongst other Pre-Raphaelites or Alphonse Mucha are some I want to mention. Last but not least I enjoy browsing the internet. I check out the latest works on behance or one of my favorite picture blogs.

Meet my friends: the Birds and the Squirrels (Inspirations from Company of Wolves)

Have you ever wondered where I draw my inspiration for my art and paintings from? This video will show you! Meet my cute furry and feathery little friends.
As you might have noticed: Wolves have always been my favourite animals. But the brisk little squirrel, eager for nuts, with its fluffy tail and the cute fluff on its ears is also very special to me.
Therefore I want to share these wonderful encounters with you! Enjoy watching the little nut thieves and the birds!

Thanks a lot to Vira Haglund for the great editing! Thousand thanks to Pontus Hultgren for writing the wonderful song for this video!

Hello world!

Hello and a warm welcome to my website and to my first blog as well. My name is Marie Beschorner and since May 2013 I am working as a freelance artist and illustrator, wearing the boots at the ‘Company of Wolves’. I started this blog to share my experiences with you, keep you up to date about my progress and projects, to provide you with new illustrations and interesting stories I find worth telling.
I’m looking forward to get in touch which all you nice and creative people out there. So don’t be shy and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.