New Book project: Timmy and the Golden Lion Tamarin

I am happy to announce my cooperation with True North Publishing and the authors Luke Matthews and LK Griffie. I am illustrating a Chapter Book series for children from 5-8. The first book will be called ‘Timmy and the Golden Lion Tamarin’ and the series introduces rare and endangered animals into the lives of children who are experiencing emotional and physical challenges.

This is what the first book is about: Eight-year-old Timmy Hawkins dreads going to school each day. Not because of the hard work, but because of a mean bully named Zeke who makes Timmy’s life a nightmare. Even worse, nobody seems to understand or care what Timmy is going through. He is about to give up hope when a very specialfriend appears outside his window one night in the form of a rare Golden Lion Tamarin. Timmy soon realizes that the Tamarin, who he names Rin, is invisible to everyone but him. When the critter sneaks into Timmy’s backpack one day and goes to school with him, it results in some hilarious antics that puts Zeke in his place. Soon, Timmy is feeling confident, all because of his “guardian angel animal,” and with Rin’s help, he finally finds the courage within to make a stand against Zeke and his bully pals once and for all.

The book release will be in spring or early summer 2015.