This painting is kind of a follow up of ‘Want a Nut?’.

Meanwhile in the Trees

In November 2012 I created some shirt designs for the shirt-on-demand platform ‘spreadshirt’. One of these designs had been a grumpy looking little fellow – an owl – which turned out to be a little bestseller. People seem to like him quite much: by now over thousand people have him on their shirts. I decided to take the design to create a fully rendered drawing out of it. This is the result.
This is the link to the original shirt design:

Red Riding Hood

I found this old painting of mine which I’d like to share with you because it has some nostalgic value to me: It is the first painting I did with my Intuos 4 and also the very first digital painting I ever created. So in this way it was the beginning of a very intense friendship between me and my new favorite medium.
The painting was inspired by a song of Patrick Wolf (which you can find here: Patrick Wolf – Short Story). I am a big fan of fairy tales and ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ has always been my favorite.
Looking at this painting today, I’d say it is very messy and a lot of stuff doesn’t really work in it. I had a lot to learn (and still have) but it’s nice to see my progress and development. Images like this show you where you once started and where you are today. <3